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Complete Certified HVAC Testing & balancing

At Texas Test and Balance, we make sure your system is up to industry standards and working efficiently. Learn more about the latest industry standards at the AABC's website:

Air Systems — Hydronics

Airflow issues can make your system run less efficiently and cause hot or cold spots within your facility. We check the airflow of your unit and adjust the system to resolve these problems. Using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, we measure the atmosphere within you're building and accurately calculate how air moves through the space. We then calibrate your HVAC system to meet current industry standards.

Our hydronics balancing services use state of the art digital flow meters to properly balance water flow for cooling, heating and condenser water systems. We can ensure  that cooling towers, chillers, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, air handling units and fan coil units are balanced to design specifications to obtain maximum system performance and specification compliance.

Vibration & Sound

An improperly balanced system will wear out faster, run less efficiently, and generate vibrations and noise. Ultimately, this can lead to early breakdown. We perform precise checks on out-of-balance parts to extend the life of your equipment.

HVAC Units


Duct leakage is a major cause of inefficiencies in HVAC systems. We will check your project ductwork for leaks and ensure that it is air tight using pressure calibration equipment. This service saves energy and insures that ductowork meets project specifications.

Stairwell Pressurization

According to NFPA, every building in the United States that is over 105' in elevation (approximatley eight stories) must have pressurized stairwells. This pressurization prevents smoke from entering into the stairwell and turning it into a chimney instead of a way for people to get out of the building. If there is too much pressure, a person may be prevented from entering into the stairwell, so fans, pressure, controls, and door pulls must be tested according to the local municipal authority to ensure it is up to code and operates in case of an emergecy. Let the experts at Texas Test and Balance insure that your stairwells are in compliance and, more importantly, will operate as designed during the unlikely event of a fire.

UL Fire Damper Inspections

According to UL and NFPA, Fire Dampers must be on an inspection schedule. Healthcare buildings such as Hospitals, Nursing homes, Out Patient Surgery and Procedure Centers must have their Fire Dampers inspected to maintain the UL certification and verify that should an event take place, the fire dampers will operate as designed. These systems must be tested according to the authority having jurisdiction, current laws and regulations. Office building systems must also have their fire dampers tested according to the local code official, and others buildings vary according to state, city, or county codes. Whatever type of building you run, you can count on us for complete fire damper testing.

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